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OverPlay VPN 2.0

Reroutes the Internet connection for anonymity
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Establish a proxy filter for all your internet transactions, hide user identity and prevent unwarranted tracking of your activities online. Redirect all data requests to a remote server in one of the countries across the globe and bypass regional restriction access for websites.

Overplay VPN is a VPN client for the OverPlay.net service. It allows you to connect to one of the servers provided by OverPlay.net. The client itself is absolutely free, but the access to the VPN servers has to be purchased separately. I like the fact that they provide unlimited access to all of their servers for a single price. There are servers all over the world and you only pay $9 to access them all.

When you register for the service and download the client, the application will ask you for your user information only once. Then, you can select the server that you want to connect to from a drop-down list. There is a good number of servers, and there are over 10 located in the United States, as well as some more in Europe and Asia.

I tested the a few United States servers and one in Spain. Out of the 3 US servers that I tested only one didn't work. It connected successfully but I couldn't browse the Internet. The other two worked well, so I used those for my testing. While I was connected to those servers, websites thought I was in the United States, and sites like YouTube and Hulu showed no restrictions at all. In fact, I was able to watch full-length TV episodes on Hulu.com with no buffering or skipping. Apparently, these servers are fast enough for video streaming, so they should suffice for everyday browsing.

OverPlay VPN has clients for Windows and Mac OS X, which are extremely easy to use. You can probably connect using other OSs and devices by simply typing in the server address and your user information manually.

All in all, OverPlay VPN offers speedy servers and a stable client. Purchasing and setting the service up couldn't be any easier. Some servers offer encryption, just in case you might need it.

José Fernández
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